Open Conversations

Purpose of Open Conversations:
Connect, share ideas, and inspiration! Use the guiding question or topic to launch your conversation, but allow yourselves to follow the interests and curiosities of the group. Moderators may assist the conversation with a Circle protocol.

Rules of Open Conversations:
-Whoever attends was meant to be there 
-Whatever happens was supposed to happen
-Whenever conversation starts is the right time for it to start
-When the conversation is over, it’s over
-Move with a click - if at any time you find yourself in a situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, feel free to use your two "feet" and join another conversation 

 *Chats will be saved for the Power 2 word cloud. Zoom sessions may be recorded. 

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The Inequities of Distance Learning

Inequities associated with Distance Learning are becoming more evident. What do we do to address those inequities going forward?

Moderators: Ana Lindert-Boyes, Twinfield High School and Lindsey Halman, UP for Learning

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How Do We Build Agency?

In what ways can we modify our education system to ensure every youth has access and opportunity to build agency?

Moderator: Una Fonte, Vergennes High School 

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Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

How can we take what we have learned through distance learning and apply it to school?

Moderators: Erubey Lopez, Lamoille Union High School and Harry Frank, UP for Learning

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What Is the Future of Education?

What will resilient schools and communities look like?

Moderator: Beth White, Big Picture Learning

These were the takeaways: Our Question What Is the Future of Education?
What will resilient schools and communities look like?
1. The need to meet each other in the fullness of our humanity
2. A need for increasing opportunities for students to co-create their own learning starting with making sure the most marginalized students have the resources and supports they need permission to be bold, wild, creative in the next iteration of what we see as schooling (especially from the agencies of education)
3. If we are going to think outside the box to rethink education we are going to need more.
4. More resources and more freedom to meet the needs of our youth and community.
5. Making the learning more broader for the student. Learn about the student more....interests? goals? how can we do this? Invite and explore more community resources. How do we get there? That meaning and purpose in life should not be put prioritized as a lesser part of learning. It should be the underpinning of learning.


What Is the Purpose of Education?

 What would schools that realized this vision look like?

Moderator: Ben Freeman, Vermont Learning for the Future

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Caring for Each Other in the COVID Era

What can we do in the future to take care of each other based on the understanding and empathy we are gaining?

Moderator: Amie Conger, UP for Learning