2020 Power 2 Summit

We are so happy you could join us! 

This conference was a series of Zoom meetings - use the tabs up on the right for the sharing sessions and open conversations, and the link in the agenda for the Dance Party and Finale!

We will be linking recordings of the sessions throughout the week.  Check back often!

Please send us your thoughts on the Feedback form below - thank you for being part of Power 2!

Connect, Share, Inspire

Our Central Questions for the Summit

 How can young people and adults reimagine
and transform education together?
What should we do together to make learning and the world
better for all?
Add your ideas, inspiration, questions and actions all morning to the P2 Summit PADLET!

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Welcome to 2020 Power 2 Summit! 

6th Annual Power 2 Summit Agenda

May 15, 2020

9:00-9:30 Welcome! P2 Summit Opening  
Link to the Opening Session Recording

The Summit will begin with a message from the youth and adult facilitators about our shared work to transform learning. Then we will have an opportunity to connect with each other, share our experience as learners and talk together about the possibilities - and challenges - for the future.

9:30-10:15 Sharing Sessions
Click Sharing Sessions tab above for session descriptions & links

Youth-Adult Teams will use their sessions to share their work, their learning, and their next steps. All sessions are designed to be collaborative and draw on your experience, insight, questions, and suggestions.

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:15 Open Conversations
Click Open Conversations tab above for session topics & links

Organized by topic, these conversations will provide an opportunity to dig deeper into one area and hear multiple perspectives.

11:15-11:30 Dance Party!   

Get your dance on and groove with Big Picture DJ Sonn Sam and over a hundred of learner-centered besties ... in the privacy of our own homes!

11:30-12:00 P2 Finale 

PASSWORD: 6o*#+^?

The Summit will conclude with reflections on our shared work to transform learning. We will reconnect with each other and share our experience from the Summit. 

The 2020 Power 2 summit is a collaborative effort between youth and adults from vermont schools and organizations. we would especially like to thank:

Big Picture Learning
Vermont Learning for the Future
The Nellie Mae Education Foundation
Education Reimagined

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Help Shape the power 2 summit - let us know what you think!

Power 2 Summit Feedback Form

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Learn more about the Power 2 summit

What is Power 2?

Now in its 6th year, "Power 2" is short for POWER SQUARED. What three ingredients support authentic learning and nurture meaningful lives? Personal Power, Partnership, and Purpose. On their own, each can shift our experience as teachers, learners, and community members. Combined, with the authentic involvement of all stakeholders, our potential and our impact is amplified! Today, we will join together to celebrate the role of these elements in our work and our learning, and identify our next steps as change agents. 

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